Project Details

Lygo International
design, artwork and packaging

Project Description

Lygo International handled the manufacture and UK import of products for Game. The brand was GameWare. Packaging had to fullful, several criteria – brand consistancy, individual product recognition, robust & secure (against transport and instore activites). It also had to be the minimum volume needed to provide all the previous requirements – as shipping from China, ie. the number of items per pallet was critical.

When new products emerged – or the brand/product recognition was updated – this was a huge logistics project to manage. Every package had a checklist of print, design, artwork & legal requirements which needed to be met – before release.

An exciting time with packaging ranging from the very large (box card) bulky gaming items (dance mats, steering wheels…), to medium sized (box card and or plastic clam-shells) controllers and down to the smaller sized packaging for cables, memory sticks, etc…

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