Since Google has announced that going HTTPS will give you a minor ranking boost. Lots of sites have bought into SSL-certificates to switch their old HTTP site to the more secure HTTPS. But after enabling SSL on your webserver – the site may still may contain internal page links, images and scripts which will still remain pointing to the old HTTP references.

WordPress does a good job of automatically updating http:// to https:// via the general settings panel in the dashboard – but any hard coded items will need a manual search and replace. Thankfully there are a few tools that can help point these out. They crawl the site for you and then list the issues – you can then do something about these. Once these have been edited – you will then fully benefit from the HTTPS status.

I have found that Jetbit’s online SSL Check is a very compact and simple tool and covers the first 200 pages of a website – which will certainly get you well on the way to ensuring you get the most out of your SSL certificates.

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