The previous HWB Design website was managed by a very well know theme ‘Nimva’ – but with many (many) features comes an unfortunate lag in speed. These off-the-shelf themes do offer a great many additional features and give a lot of choices over functionality – but all that additional (redundant and unused) code is still present and if not fully utilised or tidied away – will slow the site down.

Often a theme is chosen because of one or two great features – but may well come with 10 -20 options and also with premium page-builder plugins. This means there are also hidden costs and updates which need to be taken into account (post-build).

HWB Design’s  approach with the majority of website builds – is to use the minimum of code to get the maximum of effect. Our new website illustrates this really well. We took the orgiinal slow, bloated theme using premium page-builder plugins – and re-built the site using only the features we actually needed.

The result was the same site but 5-fold increase in mobile speed and the desktop speed lifted from the mid-range to a score of ’96’.

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