Folder and Inserts for Build Energy Consultants

Folder and Inserts for Build Energy Consultants

Sometimes it is about providing a client with a suitable marketing vehicle – that they then want to take on and organise their own print. Small print run projects do pose a budgetary problem for business which are testing a market with, or do not have the storage capacity.

If you are bold enough – then there are many digital printing companies which will offer a good quality print and reasonable turn-around. And these are not just simple poster, leaflet and stationery requests … but also that most challenging of print discussions – a folder with needs to hold a variety of inserts.

Size, capacity & usage are all key decisions in what type of folder to then design for – with the all important cutterguide at the heart of it all.

With Build Energy Consultants – we had a limited budget and the client was more than happy to source a digital printer online. The most useful aspect for a designer like myself was the variety of cutterguides which were available – which meant that I could concentrate on the design and get the project to a quick approval stage.

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